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    I HAVE DONE PASCMNITOSANA ASAN FOR MOR THAN 45 MINUTES FOR 2 MONTHS A WITH ONE BRAEK ON NLY SO THIS IN BENEFECIAL OR DAngerous to my health please tell me i have done before 3 years in 2008

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    should we control on eating when doing paschimottanasana ??
    can it be done daily ???
    to cut out fat how much time it requires and how many minute we should do it daily ??? if are able to do it easily ???

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    Damodar now days i want to ask that paschmnitosana is gift bhagawan shiv in many ways i want to no that paschmnitosana improves kidney problems heart problems and mental health it also improves the sprituality level of prson but i want to know that if person is doing one asa like paschmnitosana like i have done for 45 sometimes 50 minutes for 2 months regularly what does other problems would be created from this long durationasan what are other problems which would be rised due to it amd suppose if i would be doing this asan again what are side effects for it please expain in detailed

    Paschmnitosana is gift of lord shiv shankar but some times got uppset due to not understanding that asan may result into bad effect if i am doing for long hours

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    Thanks brother for ur coments and written but still i want to ask what ar is real benefit with this and if have done asan for 40 minutes before 3 years can i do it now for 4 to 5 minutes or it is not beneficial tel me bro i am very sorry for asking u again and again about it

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    Damodar hi..

    I am manmeet asking that i am doing all asan how much time i should do paschmnitosana as i was doing befor 50minutes for 2 months it can damage my bak bone or not and what is cause of asan if i do paschmnitosana my height can grow up or not as i am now 20 i can go taller or not

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    I plan to do a sequence of Surya namaskar and Paschimottanasana, to reduce weight/belly fat. Will it work?

    Also, pls guide me on how many months, it will take to see result? ramu

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    That is otther question that yoga increases height or not which are yoga that actually increases height but what are other asan to increase height and how one can increase its height by asans

  8. manmeetsinghi
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    I am not asking that height would increase or not what are other asan to uncrease height bro

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      Why do u keep spamming somuch dude ? get a life

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