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Ayurveda: What Is The Best Sleeping Position?

According to Ayurveda the best sleeping position is on your side. Then other options come. Left side When you sleep on your left side, it aids your digestion. How? In our body there are two main energy channels (nadi) called […]

Ayurvedic eating tips and principles

Food is vital to our body not only because it nourishes our tissues, but because it gives energy or Prana, and satisfies us on a sensual level through various tastes. While there are particular foods for different Doshas or ayurvedic […]

Food Compatibility in Ayurveda: Eating Principles and Tips

Food compatibility in Ayurveda

When we follow simple Ayurvedic eating principles, we can restore our health, detox our body and even lose weight. Why? Because, Ayurveda teaches how to bring the body to a natural balance and harmony where there is no place for […]

Ayurvedic Tips for Breastfeeding

ayurvedic tips for breastfeeding

Ayurveda, despite being very ancient, is a very useful science. It is based on the concept of three doshas, and describes breastfeeding through this concept as well. It teaches that the milk appearance and taste depend on the particular dosha […]

Ayurvedic Tips for Beautiful Skin

ayurvedic tips for beautiful skin

Very dry skin looks rather dull. This is not surprising, because the skin lacks moisture. If it is moisturized regularly, then the skin shines. By the way, the lack of moisture in the skin is one of the most common […]

Ayurvedic Herbs and Juice Fasting

vata dosha fasting

Ayurveda recommends using herbs during fasting, such as ginger, all kinds of pepper, cinnamon, fennel and cardamom in particular. The idea is that the main task for the body during a fast is to cleanse the toxins, so the Agni […]