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Carotid Artery Pain in Left Side of Neck

pain in left side of neck artery

The carotid artery pain in left side of neck means (if this is the case) that there may be carotid artery disease which is when the arteries that supply the brain (its front) with oxygenated blood, get narrowed. There are […]

Do You Have A Neck Pain On Left Side?

neck pain on left side

Frankly speaking, I hate the neck pain on left side; well, of course, not only on the left, but on the right side as well. The worst thing about it is that it won’t go during the day! Even if […]

What Causes Neck Pain behind the Ear?

neck pain behind ear

There are several causes, so let’s see what they are. 1. The most common and the most obvious cause of neck pain behind ear is the muscle stiffness due to wrong sleeping position. It is not serious and is easy […]

How to Prevent Neck Pain from Sleeping Wrong

neck pain from sleeping wrong

Today I want to continue the previous subject about pain in neck after waking up. So let’s talk about how to prevent it from occurrence. To be able to do so one has to know what causes it and hot […]