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Simple and Logical Reasons to Drink More Water

Water is essential to our body since it participates in almost every metabolic process in the body, and it occupies from 50% to 85% of our body mass (85% in newborns, and 50% in seniors). It’s amazing how water can […]

Health Benefits of Wheat Sprouts

You have probably heard of sprouted wheat, and maybe even added it to your meals. But do you know how beneficial the wheat sprouts are for your health? Wheat sprouts health benefits They are easy to digest, and if taken […]

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Neck Pain

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Neck Pain

Rheumatoid arthritis of the intervertebral joints of the cervical spine is characterized by pain, stiffness and the limited mobility of the neck. Rheumatoid arthritis – is one of the most severe joint diseases, occurring with a variety of complications; it […]

Examples of Carob Powder Recipes

carob powder recipes

Carob powder is a great substitute for cocoa and sugar (to some extent) in chocolate and confectionery recipes, not only because of it reasonable cost but also due to the organoleptic properties. It is used for making the dark and […]

Neck Pain during Pregnancy: Causes and Treatment

neck pain during pregnancy

Is It Normal? Yes, such pain is common among pregnant women, and it gives lots of troubles. The worst thing about it is that it activates when you try to sleep disrupting your sound dream. The pain occurs because your […]