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Stiff shoulders and upper back? Try this simple yoga pose!

What are the benefits? The pose is called Bandha Hasta Uttanasana. If you regularly practice this pose, it improves your posture, removes any chronic tension in the upper back, shoulders and the base of the neck. It also helps to relieve […]

5 Rules of the Yoga Therapy

yoga therapy rules

Yoga therapy has lots of benefits to offer; it really helps in curing many ailments, and does even more in terms of prevention. It’s a great tool for your health, but it requires some fine tuning to get the most […]

Yoga Poses to Relieve Bloating

halasana - yoga poses for bloating relief

There can be many causes of bloating or flatulence; the most common are the foods. But whatever the cause is, the most important is to understand it and find a way to get the relief. Thanks to yoga – it […]

Doing Yoga Poses With Blocks

yoga poses with blocks - adho mukha svanasana

The Purpose of Yoga Blocks Yoga blocks belong to so called ‘yoga props’ – helpful things to make the performance of yoga poses easier for beginners. These blocks can be used in almost every asana; basically the play two main […]

Yoga Exercises for Shoulder and Neck Pain After Pregnancy

Gomukhasana - yoga for shoulder and neck pain after pregnancy

Yesterday I wrote about benefits of yoga after pregnancy; and today we continue this subject, and see how yoga helps relieve neck and shoulder pain. During breastfeeding or bottle-feeding many new mothers experience pain in neck and shoulders because they […]

Yoga Poses for Women Over 50

Shavasana - yoga poses for women over 50

According to Ayurveda the age of 50 is only the half of life. Nevertheless, modern lifestyle makes us weak and sick; yet it doesn’t necessarily mean that we should suffer – we can live full life if we want, and […]