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What Are The Main Contraindications For Yoga Poses?

contraindications for yoga poses

Actually there are two sets of yoga contraindications: One is about the individual characteristics of a particular person’s organism The other set consists of general guidelines what to avoid during your practice and it can also tell you if you […]

Yoga Poses to Help Insomnia

yoga poses to help insomnia

Due to modern lifestyle insomnia has become a “natural” part of our life. Too much physical and emotional stress, as well as intrusive thoughts – all contribute to preventing you from falling asleep easier. The difficulty to fall asleep gradually […]

Tips for Practicing Yoga during Menstruation

yoga during menstruation

The general rule for doing yoga during your periods is this: do only those yoga poses that make you feel comfortable. Menstruation period is not the right time for power yoga and physical overload. Your practice should be soft and […]

Yoga Workout at Home – For Beginners

bending forward

OK, we continue the series of “yoga at home” posts. Here I’m going to show you a basic yoga workout you can do at home. It is rather simple and suitable for beginners. 1. Stand erect, with your hands at […]