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Stiff shoulders and upper back? Try this simple yoga pose!

What are the benefits? The pose is called Bandha Hasta Uttanasana. If you regularly practice this pose, it improves your posture, removes any chronic tension in the upper back, shoulders and the base of the neck. It also helps to relieve […]

Simple Exercises to Relax the Spine and Back Muscles

Well, you certainly need to be careful when applying any recommendations that were given to you by someone who is not your doctor and/or who doesn’t know you personally to assess your issues adequately. That’s just some wimp warning. 🙂 […]

7 Simple Exercises for Back Pain You Can Do At Home

back pain exercises at home 1

Our spine is one of the most vulnerable areas in our body due to its complexity and the support it provides for the whole body. The modern lifestyle contributes to the spinal problems as well – we move less than […]