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Uddiyana Bandha Technique and Benefits

Uddiyana bandha is the third of the famous bandha trinity, which also includes mula bandha and jalandhara bandha. These bandhas are often used in ashtanga-vinyasa yoga of Pattabhi Jois. I would personally recommend anyone learn uddiyana as it is very […]

Jalandhara Bandha – The Chin Lock

Jalandhara bandha is a simple technique, but it is nonetheless very important part of many yoga practices. In Sanskrit jalandhara bandha means “the net of nadis” or ” the net of [energy] pathways”. The word jalan means a “net”, and […]

How To Do Mula Bandha For Beginners

mula bandha practice

Mula Bandha practice is important for muladhara chakra activation, for body vitality and for the control of desire. Mula Bandha Definition In Sanskrit Mula means “root”, and Bandha means “lock”, so it can be literally translated as a “root lock”, […]