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Ayurveda: What Is The Best Sleeping Position?

According to Ayurveda the best sleeping position is on your side. Then other options come. Left side When you sleep on your left side, it aids your digestion. How? In our body there are two main energy channels (nadi) called […]

Vata Dosha Food List: What to Eat and What to Avoid

fruit juices are great foods to balance vata dosha

Ayurveda teaches that each dosha has its own specific characteristics that make it unique. When you know them you can choose the right foods that reduce Vata, and avoid those that aggravate it. I have mentioned already in some other […]

Vata Dosha Balancing Diet and Tips

vata dosha balancing diet

For Vata people it is important to have full and regular meals; although they usually have a good appetite, their hunger is changeable, so there is a need for them to follow a strict regime with four meals according to […]

Vata Dosha Diseases Due To Its Imbalance and How to Fix It

vata dosha ayurvedic remedies

Vata dosha comes out of balance much easier than any other dosha. Its imbalance can be caused by cold and windy weather, fatigue, prolonged anxiety for loved ones, over-activity and work, turbulent emotions, by trying to do many things at […]

Vata Dosha Personality Type

vata dosha personality type

Vata Dosha Characteristics Vata Dosha is thin (or subtle), impulsive, changeable, light and agile. It is so sensitive and a subject to change that it’s easy to go off balance and susceptible to over-stimulation. Vata is considered to be the […]