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Stiff shoulders and upper back? Try this simple yoga pose!

What are the benefits? The pose is called Bandha Hasta Uttanasana. If you regularly practice this pose, it improves your posture, removes any chronic tension in the upper back, shoulders and the base of the neck. It also helps to relieve […]

Simple Exercises to Relax the Spine and Back Muscles

Well, you certainly need to be careful when applying any recommendations that were given to you by someone who is not your doctor and/or who doesn’t know you personally to assess your issues adequately. That’s just some wimp warning. 🙂 […]

The Lotus Pose Benefits

lotus pose benefits

Padmasana Meaning Padmasana (from Sanskrit: “padma” – Lotus, and “asana” – posture, pose, seat) – the well-known lotus position, the classics of the genre, so to speak. That’s how most people imagine yoga – a thin ascetic, sitting still in […]

Tips for Proper Yoga Poses Performance

Proper Yoga Poses Tips

A yoga pose is called asana in Sanskrit, and according to Yoga Sutras of sage Patanjali, it is a static pose of physical body. We often perceive asanas to be exercises that develop joint’s flexibility and muscle strength. Yoga poses […]