What Is The Proper Skincare For Oily Skin On Face?

Since the causes for oily skin on face are mainly based on the increased activity of the sebaceous glands due to increased production of progesterone, the skincare has its own particular facets. The caring routine should include not only cosmetic products, but also those that normalize the hormones. By the way, the problem is not unique to women only, it is common to men as well, which means that the skincare for both has little difference, though the majority of men can hardly imagine a frequent use of creams and lotions.

Of course, the question ‘how to reduce oily skin on face naturally?’ is more frequent among girls, who undergo hormonal changes, which leads to increased greasiness in the nose and forehead. But it also has an advantage – it is much less susceptible to aging, so women with oily skin may often look younger than those whose skin is drier.

Facial skin care for oily skin: what should you do?

skincare for oily skin on faceThe first step, of course, is to consult with endocrinologist and gynecologist. This is required to eliminate hormonal disorders as the main cause for the oily skin, since there can be far more disastrous consequences, if the matter of these disorders is not properly and timely addressed.

The main problem here is enlarged pores; you need to properly cleanse them first, and then work towards reducing their size. For this you can use a variety of face washing foams and tonics that are specifically designed for oily skin. Ideally use natural ones.

The best ones are creams and lotions with a light foundation that contain salicylic acid and zinc. They disinfect and narrow skin pores, as well as reduce greasiness.

If you experience a peeling of the skin, you can use natural scrubs, such as coffee scrubs, or piling creams with nettle – they offer a skin lifting effect, reduce inflammation and treat acne.

There may be problems with cheap or ‘not-so-natural’ skin care products, resulting in skin deterioration and the greasiness may even get worse.

Simple oily skin care tips at home

  • Never leave the cosmetics on the face overnight
  • Once you thoroughly washed your face with specialized products, you need to tone your skin, and after that apply a night facial cream.
  • Wash your face with warm water only; you can get more benefit if you use herbal infusions during washing (or for washing).

facial skin care for oily skinThese simple rules will help you to reduce the skin oiliness dramatically. Also there are many facial masks you can make at home as well as the infusions. The best herbs for infusions are: chamomile, St. John’s wort, coltsfoot, and milfoil (yarrow)

A simple homemade face mask for oily skin made of cucumber can reduce the production of sebaceous glands. But don’t overdo it, as you can and excessively dry up the skin.

Another important thing to consider is your nutrition, which should be balanced and full of nutrients. You need to consume enough vitamins in a form of fresh fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.

The other side of proper nutrition is the bowel movement; remember that constipation may adversely affect your appearance.

If you really want to have a young-looking, healthy and glowing skin, don’t forget about regular physical activities – yoga is a good example; it also has great breathing exercises called pranayama, which increases metabolism, promotes faster waste elimination, and make your skin look fresh and healthy.

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