Hello, it’s Damodar here. Welcome to Anadi.net!

I write mainly about yoga, vegetarianism and a healthy lifestyle. I may add some personal musings though, so be prepared for that. 🙂 I’m not a big guru in yoga, I’m just practicing myself and share my experience here, on anadi.net.

If you are curious what’s the name, here is the answer: अनादि (anadi) is a Sanskrit word, meaning ‘having no beginning’, ‘eternal’, ‘beginningless’. This word is often used in Vedic scriptures to describe one of the many qualities of Vishnu or Krishna. The same word sometimes refers to an individual soul (atma or jiva in Sanskrit), since a soul is also eternal, without the beginning, and there will be no end to the soul’s existence.

What is soul?

It’s me. And it’s you. We are souls, and we have these material bodies, which allow us ‘to drive’ trough this material universe. Once the body works out, like an old car, we have to change it for a new one. This change takes place according to our karma (good or bad activities throughout our life(s)). The body changes and dies; the soul remains the same. This knowledge is taught by ancient Vedas.

What is yoga?

yogas citta-vrtti-nirodhah – “Yoga is to still the patterning of consciousness (or “the waves of mind”).”

Yoga to KrishnaThis is the common knowledge. The meaning of word ‘yoga’ is a ‘union’, or ‘connection’, or ‘to join’. So, yoga means a process of connecting the consciousness of an individual soul to the Supreme soul, known in Vedic literature as Vishnu or Krishna. The process is complex and has many branches. The popular hatha yoga is just a one branch of the yoga tree. Nevertheless, since it is easier to manage ourselves through the body than through the mind, we start with hatha, and everyone ends up treading their own way to reach the Goal as they progress on the path of yoga.

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