Simple and Logical Reasons to Drink More Water

Water is essential to our body since it participates in almost every metabolic process in the body, and it occupies from 50% to 85% of our body mass (85% in newborns, and 50% in seniors).

It’s amazing how water can serve us as an effective remedy for many ailments and even make us look better. So, let’s get to the reasons why we should drink more of it.

#1 Water removes toxins

Eliminating wastes is essential, without a doubt. While there are ways our body does it, water should be there too: it helps to cleanse our body from the cell level to the physical one, fighting constipation, and promoting bowel movement.

Yes, you can drink water to avoid constipation – it will make your food less lumpy, and promote its digestion (though you need to know when to drink it to achieve this – see below).

Toxin removal is related to the functioning of kidneys, and their work depends on the water consumption too.

drink more water to detox

#2 Drinking water supports the digestive system

We have already mentioned that water helps with constipation and digestion. To make the whole system work more efficiently, you need to drink enough water during the day – usually it is around 1,5 liter during cold times, and around 2 liters when the warm season comes.

But when you need to drink it? The best times are:

  • Once you wake up
  • Before each meal (better at least 15-30 minutes before)
  • During the day
  • Before going to bed (but don’t drink a lot; just a small glass to avoid loading your kidneys overnight).

Such drinking routine will also help with heartburn.

#3 Boost your energy

When you follow the above mentioned drinking routine, your energy levels restore faster due to the increased metabolism (thanks to water!). Dehydration is known to be one of the prominent causes of fatigue. If there is enough water in your body, it will function better and longer.

#4 Drink more water to lose weight

Is it true? Well, it can be. See, how it works: when you get enough water in your body, the metabolic processes go smother and faster, which means that fats will be burned faster too. Another thing is that the oxygen level (which is also responsible for fat burning) correlates with the amount of water inside, so when you drink more, you get better oxygen levels that help to eliminate unnecessary fats. Of course, proper breathing helps too. 😉

#5 Building muscles? You need water too

Dehydration causes the slowdown of protein synthesis, which is essential to building muscles. So you need to drink water to gain muscle mass, otherwise, the fewer calories get burned and transformed into energy to create muscle mass, the more calories will be deposited in the body as excess fat.

#6 Healthier joints

Water helps lubricating your joints, because it is a major component in the formation of a special liquid, which serves as a joint and muscle lubricant.

#7 Reduces the risk of heart attack

In a recent research it was discovered that the risk of heart attack is greatly decreased in people who had at least 5 glasses of plain water daily, comparing to those who had only two glasses.

#8 Fewer infections and diseases

Since water participates in cell metabolism, when there is not enough liquid, the cell vitality decreases, which leads to poor immunity. If you drink enough water, your immune system will function properly, hence less infections and various ailments.

#9 Drink water for healthy and glowing skin

How? Very simple: enough liquid improves metabolism, which promotes health, and since our skin, hair and nails are health indicators, their condition improves too. You can look better by just adding more plain water to your body!

#10 Regulates body temperature and improves overall health

Water is in charge of the ‘cooling system’ of our body. So you can feel better and function more efficiently by just drinking more water. So enjoy!

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