Licorice Powder for Skin: Benefits and Face Pack Recipes

Licorice is also known as liquorice, and its scientific name is Glycyrrhiza Glabra. Its powder has been used for ages as a home remedy for skin care.

The main active compounds, contained in Licorice, that are very beneficial for our skin are Glabridin, Liquiritin and Isoliquertin. Thanks to them, liquorice has skin lightening properties, including dark spots, scars and uneven pigmentation.

The benefits of licorice powder for skin

licorice powder for skin

1. Glabridin reduces the damage to our skin, which comes from UV rays. If you happened to be under the sun for an extended period of time, apply a licorice based extract on your skin to ‘reset’ its color back to normal.

2. Liquiritin is the flavonoid, which lightens the skin, including scars and blemishes.

3. Liquorice has anti inflammatory properties, so it can reduce any skin inflammation.

4. It fixes problems with skin pigmentation, and lightens dark patches that were caused by melasma.

5. If you make a face pack containing licorice powder, it will improve the hydration of your facial skin, making it brighter and plumper.

How to Use Licorice Powder for Skin

liquorice powder for skin

1. Face Pack with Licorice and Sandalwood

Mix 1tbsp of licorice powder and 1/2 tsp of red sandalwood powder in a bowl.

Squeeze in a few drops of fresh lemon juice, and enough milk, and mix everything so that you get a paste to apply on your face.

This is the skin lightening pack for dry and normal skin, which lightens dark spots and makes your skin glowing; if your skin is oily, use rose water instead of milk.

2. Liquorice and Turmeric

Mix in a bowl 1 tbsp of each: liquorice powder, rice flour and turmeric powder. Add few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Add rice water or rose water to make a paste. Mix everything, and use it as a face pack for acne scars.

3. Licorice and Honey

Put 1 tbsp of licorice powder in a bowl, and add raw honey as much as you need to create a paste-like mixture to use as a face mask; it will tone and brighten your skin nicely.

These are the simple ways of using licorice powder for skin.

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