Throbbing Pain In Right Side Of Neck: What To Do With It?

There are many causes of the throbbing pain in right side of neck, and often a quick response required not only for identifying them but for the timely treatment as well. Among various causes of such pulsing pain can be a blood vessel problem. In this case one would feel weak and disoriented because of the lack of proper blood circulation in the brain (carotid arteries supply blood to the brain). If you have a pain in both sides of the neck, then it is not necessarily the vessel case, but could simply be swollen lymph nodes. This may be the result of sore throat or due to bad eating habits. Another thing is that the neck pain can be an ‘extension’ of the upper back pain.

There may be pain in the right side of neck that comes and goes, and you may feel it while sitting for example; the painful sensation usually covers the area few inches below the ear and to the base of the neck. The pain usually occurs in the same area, and it hurts. This type of neck pain is called Trigeminal Neuralgia and related to the trigeminal nerve lesion, which sometimes causes a shooting pain in right side of neck. This type of pain is not dangerous, but definitely requires your attention. To help with it you can take a drug called Tegretol; visiting a neurologist is also suggested.

Throbbing Pain In Right Side Of NeckNeck pain that throbs can also be due to Thyroid condition; it is often connected to the frequent weakness and tiredness; one of the symptoms here is the swelling neck.

But in general the throbbing neck pain is related to nerves. It may occur as a result of a strong stress, or even out of a physical tiredness. In any case it is advised to visit a doctor as soon as possible to prevent the pain turning into a chronic one.

If the stress is the case then think deeply about how to reduce it; there are many ways to do that, for example your can practice relaxation or meditation, which has proven to be very beneficial for nerve disorders.

If the pain was caused by some exhaustive physical activity, then the immediate help will be in a form of mild massage and relaxation; warm compress on the suffered area can do the work. To prevent the future occurrence of such pain caused by muscle overstrain and tiredness you need to balance your physical activity.

If the pain is caused by the illness, then an appropriate treatment of the condition will also help to get rid of such pain. If the cause of pain in the right side of neck is difficult to identify, you should seek a medical consultation.

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