Dextroconvex Scoliosis: What Is It?

The dextroconvex scoliosis definition describes the disorder as a unique form of scoliosis which refers to muscles spasms in the chest area; it is also known as dextroconvex thoracic scoliosis, where ‘thoracic’ links to chest region. The muscles spasms spread over the chest, to arms and back, so if this type of scoliosis is found in children, it requires an immediate attention and treatment otherwise it can be really debilitating. The dextroconvex thoracolumbar scoliosis describes the spread of muscle spasms over to the lumbar or lower back area. This is a huge region from the chest or upper back to the lower back, and the appropriate treatment should be assigned to avoid serious complications in the spine and the surrounding muscles.

Dextroconvex scoliosis symptoms characterized by an “S” shape curvature of the spine (unlike the regular scoliosis with a “U” shape), which is in charge of the muscles spasms in thoracic area of the spine and in arms. In kids it may develop into a chronic scoliosis with severe shoulder pain.

What Is Dextroconvex Scoliosis?For this atypical form of scoliosis one has to get muscle relaxation and pain killers on the daily basis. For children the application of active and passive physical therapy is required to keep the muscles and tendons fit and toned (myofascial release is a good example here of such therapy). These therapies aimed at reducing the frequency of spasms in the thoracic muscle groups; it is very likely that a patient has to do a regular physical activity to support a healthy state of their spine and muscles. Such therapies are especially effective in the mild form of this type of scoliosis.

Another thing to consider is a healthy living in general; it is beneficial for anyone, but for those with various health problems (scoliosis included) it becomes a very important part of their daily routine. The second after the physical therapy and exercises is a diet. Muscles spasm are often connected to dehydration, lack of protein or bad potassium levels. You should visit a doctor to get the right and healthy diet plan prescribed.

If the dextroconvex scoliosis took a worsening route, then a surgery can be considered as a possible solution; it is effective against scoliosis complications, but requires substantial funds. Also the spasms may occur again even after the surgery, that is why it is important to maintain the overall health of the spine and the body, and address any progressing symptoms accordingly.

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