Ayurvedic Tips for Beautiful Skin

Very dry skin looks rather dull. This is not surprising, because the skin lacks moisture. If it is moisturized regularly, then the skin shines. By the way, the lack of moisture in the skin is one of the most common causes of wrinkles at an early age.

It’s no secret that a wrinkled and dry skin makes one look older. Moreover, it becomes an excellent habitat for a wide variety of microbes, including various fungal infections and eczema. To moisturize the skin and prevent its excessive drying you need to take a regular care of it.

There are many ways to reduce the moisture level: a genetic predisposition, the use of low quality skin care products, the sebaceous glands disorders, the climate change, the lack of proper nutrition and vitamin deficiency, the influence of various chemicals, the improper use of medications. Often your skin may become dry due to diabetes, psoriasis, hypothyroidism, seborrhea, eczema and so on.

Ayurveda: Dry Skin Treatment

Ayurveda believes that skin loses quite a lot of water under the influence of imbalanced Vata dosha. The causes of such imbalance can be different:

  • Poor diet and eating habits
  • The influence of the dry and cold climate
  • The excessive mental or physical stress
  • The failure to meet the thirst, hunger or defecation
  • Eating too much of spicy or bitter foods
  • And some other causes

So how to retrieve your skin elasticity and beauty?

Ayurveda offers a number of fairly simple guidelines to follow that will make you forget about the excessive dryness and sagging of the skin.

Ayurvedic Tips for Beautiful Skin

ayurvedic tips for beautiful skinThe first rule is to wash your skin with cool water. After washing wipe the skin with an extremely soft cotton towel. No hard and coarse fabrics. You can also replace washing with the use of a moisturizing spray that contains mineral water.

Wipe your skin lightly; rubbing is not suitable here.

Use only soft soap; otherwise you will deprive the skin of its natural protection layer.

Massage the skin at times using various moisturizers.

Doing so you will be able to moisturize and smooth the skin. Immediately after taking shower apply a thin layer of coconut oil on your skin then make the skin dry with a towel. Do not use any cleaning agent containing alcohol.

Ayurvedic Diet for Beautiful Skin

Eating right is another major point to make your skin glowing. Your daily meals should include dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables, grains and carbs. Eat more veggies of orange and yellow color as they contain a large number of antioxidants. And of course, give up fast food completely, since it only ruins your skin.

By following these simple Ayurvedic tips you can get your beautiful skin back.

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