Pitta Dosha Imbalance Symptoms and Diseases

We can say that the diseases of a particular dosha can be seen both as the symptoms and the consequences of its imbalance. What I mean is that when you notice some problem or a disorder starting, you can also see it as a sign of your main dosha got out of balance. And bringing you dosha into a balanced state may prevent the disease from the development.

Pitta is agitated by spicy foods, substances that stimulate urination such as coffee, tea and alcohol, excessive heat, and direct sunlight. Emotions that lead to Pitta imbalance and the resulting disorders are: hatred, jealousy, suppressed anger.

Since summer is the Pitta season, you should be careful, because hot and sunny weather increases Pitta dosha.

For Pitta dosha skin problems are not rare if the dosha is out of balance; a person may have acne, hives, rashes, etc. Other disorders include: blood disorders, heartburn and constant burning pain, nausea and vomiting, gastritis, ulcers, indigestion, inflammation, thirst, sweating and odor, headaches, problems with the liver and gallbladder.

From the psychological point of view, Pitta imbalance provokes self-criticism, cynicism, aggressive and harsh words, anxiety, sometimes – grievance, self isolation or fierce controversy. Such person gets exasperated with each inappropriately spoken word and even an improper glance.

The Pitta diseases usually occur in blood, eyes, skin, small intestine, sweat glands, fat and stomach.

The Treatment of Pitta Dosha

Since Pitta is originally hot, the treatment includes antipyretic and cooling therapy.

Other Pitta qualities are lightness and mobility, and they can be balanced by soothing, drying and nourishing remedies. The natural remedies for Pitta dosha are usually have sweet, bitter and/or astringent taste and provide a cooling effect. The most effective remedies have the bitter taste.

treatment of pitta doshaI need to mention that the treatment of Pitta dosha is mainly related to the treatment of blood, which is connected with this dosha. The majority of disorders are of the same nature: fever, excessive body heat, high temperature, high acidity, etc.

Various laxative herbs have a powerful therapeutic effect on Pitta. They cleanse the intestines, bringing the dosha into the balance. Antidiarrhoeal medicines and absorbents are also used to cure abscesses, infections and ulcers; astringent herbs help with sweating, diarrhea, inflamed condition of the mucous membranes; spicy herbs deal with accumulation of toxins and indigestion; herbs with a cooling effect eliminate constipation, and the bitter taste herbs increase the internal fire in the case of poor digestion and decrease of Pitta in general.

Along with the use of healing herbs Ayurveda recommends wearing gems – some of them may be the healing stone for the dosha. The best are pearl, sapphire, emerald, turquoise; precious metals are also good: platinum and copper. If Pitta is increased, gems and metals of fiery nature are not recommended.

I hope I have given you the useful information on Pitta dosha imbalance symptoms and the associated diseases, and now you will be able to prevent the unwanted conditions by controlling and balancing your dosha.

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