Pitta Dosha Characteristics

Pitta dosha is hot, oily, vibrating, and spicy. This is the second dosha after Vata in terms of activity, but it comes out of balance significantly rarer than Vata. However the imbalance of Pitta can cause serious problems.

A Pitta Dosha Personality

People with Pitta Prakriti (Prakriti means the original ratio of doshas given at the time of conception) have a number of characteristics and have to follow a particular diet and lifestyle to keep the dosha under control.

The fiery energy of Pitta is localized in Manipura chakra (solar plexus chakra, located between the breastbone and the navel), which is also called the energy chakra. In Sanskrit Manipura means “The abode of sparkling jewels”, which pretty precisely describes the energy of Pitta. When this dosha is balanced the energy rises to the higher chakras. Pitta has plenty of this energy, which is also reflected in the person’s intelligence and appearance. Such person is used to enjoy their power and authority to control all developments, and walks with a firm step towards success.

Characteristics of Pitta Dosha

Ayurveda believes that it is the research mind of Pitta that made possible the majority of advances in science, including the development of environmentally hazardous industries.

The main qualities of Pitta are determination, authoritativeness, integrity of character and ambition. Pittas are reliable, courageous, and punctual and friendly, they are able to soberly assess the situation and take the responsibility, fanatically following the chosen path.

A person with balanced Pitta dosha is usually in a good mood and thinks clearly. If the dosha is imbalanced, such person can instantly lose themselves, and the consequences of anger and irritability are sometimes very sad, because the raging Pitta is very hard to tame.

pitta dosha characteristicsThe Physical Side

People with the predominant Pitta dosha usually have a well proportioned body of a light or moderate body composition. Because of the moderately developed muscles Pittas often have a sporty look. They blush easily; have lots of moles, moderate palms, medium length of the limbs, and a narrow waist.

People with Pitta-dosha always have warm hands and feet, they often sweat, gain and lose weight easily; their appetite is always raised and sometimes even atrocious.

The Pitta dosha personality has a shiny and oily skin, bright eyes, sharp nose and teeth, piercing eyes and a heart-shaped face.

These are the main Pitta dosha characteristics.

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