Vata Dosha Personality Type

Vata Dosha Characteristics

Vata Dosha is thin (or subtle), impulsive, changeable, light and agile. It is so sensitive and a subject to change that it’s easy to go off balance and susceptible to over-stimulation.

Vata is considered to be the principal dosha and represents the driving force of the Universe, which nourishes the subtle body. It is considered the most active and mobile, because it consists of ether and air.

Balancing Vata Dosha through the Lifestyle

People with Vata should be aware of the causes of Vata imbalance and follow the lifestyle, diet and other recommendation to ground the dosha to prevent diseases and unwanted conditions.

Vata Dosha and Anxiety

Anxiety – is a pretty natural state of vata type people, but it often causes impatience, fear of future, which in turn, makes the mind restless and causes the dosha imbalance, leading to problems.

Psychological Portrait of Vata Dosha

The active nature of Vata makes people of this dosha showing extravagance, unpredictability, great sensibility, openness and desire for dreams; they also have an unconventional approach to life with no pattern, inspiration and excitement. Such people attract those in search of beauty and grace, witty and lively conversations; they are able to charge you with energy.

According to Ayurveda the majority of pioneers were of Vata constitution. Vatas usually posses a huge potential for the spiritual life and self development; they tend to be sensitive and have high sincere feelings.

People with Vata Prakriti constantly feel the need to change places and to have the ongoing work; they are the true inspirers of starting something new and the researchers of unknown.

vata dosha personality typePhysical portrait

The distinguishing physical feature of such people is a thin bone. People with Vata Prakriti have mild muscle, thin and rough skin with veins shown through it, and susceptible to early wrinkles, elongated legs with narrow ankles and flat chest.

Vata usually has a relatively stable weight (many of Vatas actually want to gain some weight), even if they consume too much food; they have cold palms and feet, dry skin and dry thin hair, short eyelashes, thin and dark lips, and husky voice.

Often they have crackling joints, either very low or very high height, and a small head.

Next time we’re going to talk about the Vata Dosha diseases due to its imbalance, and the methods of recovery according to the teachings of Ayurveda.

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