Vata Dosha Diseases Due To Its Imbalance and How to Fix It

Vata dosha comes out of balance much easier than any other dosha. Its imbalance can be caused by cold and windy weather, fatigue, prolonged anxiety for loved ones, over-activity and work, turbulent emotions, by trying to do many things at once, lack of sleep, erratic lifestyle, fasting and smoking.

People with Vata Prakriti can become sick because of frequent traveling, insufficient fluid intake, alcohol abuse, due to the inability to concentrate on the essentials, because of following an overly strict diet, as well as the uncontrolled use of sweets, very cold food and drinks.

The Symptoms of Vata Dosha Imbalance

Emotions that often lead to Vata diseases are: depression, fear and nervousness.

As a result of such lifestyle, there comes the fast weight loss, insomnia, dependence on stimulants, anxiety, impulsivity, suspiciousness and simultaneously lightheadedness, a feeling of weakness and fatigue.

The physical aspect of the imbalance of Vata dosha manifests in spasms, dyspnoea, insomnia, muscle convulsions, high blood pressure, rheumatoid arthritis, anemia, bloating, constipation, body heaviness, irregular appetite. The following conditions are not rare as well: tinnitus, astringent taste in the mouth, back pain, asthma, sciatica, gout, cough with phlegm and menstrual disorders.

Usually a disease occurs in the pelvic cavity, colon, bones, ears, thighs and on the skin.

Grounding Vata Dosha

Vata dosha characteristics: dry, cold, agile and lightweight, so to ground it one has to use moisture, warmth, decrease hyperactivity and add heaviness. There are Vata dosha balancing foods, or better to say – tastes (according to Ayurveda): sweet, sour and salty. In addition many savory herbs can promote the Vata balance, eliminate its congestion and make it move as usual.

The hot or savory taste is used when it is necessary to dispel the cold component of Vata. But if the Vata imbalance caused by the excess of dryness, this taste is contraindicated. If there is a weak or unstable digestion, in addition to the savory tastes you can also use the mineral salts.

To “moisten” the dosha, you need to use warming diaphoretics.

Vata Dosha Ayurvedic Remedies

vata dosha ayurvedic remediesIf there is a so-called “Vata-clogging”, carminative, antispasmodic and nerve herbs are useful.

To harmonize Vata, Ayurveda uses special herbs and spices. If you have constipation, you can use laxatives herbs such as Senna leaves, or the Ayurvedic remedy Triphala, but often Ayurveda prescribes the enema therapy with the use of herbs and oils as the most effective medicine for constipation.

The healing gems and metals for Vata dosha diseases due to its imbalance are gold, silver, red and yellow opal, amethyst, garnet yellow, white moonstone and sapphire. They help to balance the dosha, ground it if needed thus removing the unpleasant consequences and promoting physical and mental health.

Next time we’re going to talk a bit about the Vata Dosha balancing diet. Stay tuned!

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