Pain at the Base of Neck: Causes, Symptoms and the Possible Relief

Depending on the symptoms, there are various causes for the pain at the base of neck. For example, if there is a hack and throbbing pain at the base of skull, which is clearly detectable, and increases if the suffered area is pressed, then it may be vertebral artery syndrome, which is considered to be a rare disease as described by the Office of Rare Diseases, of the National Institutes of Health. To make sure the diagnosis is correct you need to undergo the MRI of the cervical area of the spine as well as the X-ray of the same with functional tests. Only after that the proper ways of the treatment can be discussed.

If you cannot turn your head (for example, you cannot do this to the left side), and the pain comes from the neck at the base of the collarbone (the front neck pain), goes down the collarbone to the forearm, and further to the elbow. It is accompanied by the burning sensation and even leads to arm numbness. It is so strong and acute, that no pain killer works; the pain occurs when you get up, and eases while lying on the back.

So, the causes and consequences may be different here: from the simple to really serious and harmful, and in this case you definitely need to consult a neurologist without delay to prevent the worsening of the condition.

Injury As One of the Most Common Causes

In most cases it is associated with the injuries of the cervical spine. This type of condition is very unpleasant and uncomfortable, and often, if you get a neck injury when you were a child, the pain may accompany you for the whole life.

pain at base of neckWhat is the solution? Do not let yourself to dwell in inertia; go for some good exercise program and make it an integral part of your life. Yoga is a good option. Yes, you will have to do it regularly (better daily) for the rest of your life to maintain the good condition and provide a neck pain relief. It may sound like a burden, but you can look differently at it: imagine that the regular physical activity will help you maintain a better health, so making you spend less on medications and save more money in the long run.

One of the best exercises for the pain at base of neck is swimming, which tones the corresponding muscles, making them stronger, so they’ll be able to provide an adequate support. Also, your vertebrae will maintain their mobility due to exercising.

Sometimes, the increased blood pressure overlaps with the pain caused by the previous trauma, which worsens the condition. Again, the properly chosen exercises can help to solve the both problems to an acceptable level or even help you forget about them.

What about Base of Neck Pain on the Right Side?

If the condition creates a shooting sensation in the right temple and ear when you cough, turn or tilt your head (and the coughing is usually long and severe), then there is probably an inflammation of the paranasal sinuses (maxillary sinus or other) or the inflammation of the middle ear. In this case the lymph nodes are enlarged, which is another indication of the condition. Sometimes there may be pain when swallowing as well. You should urgently see an otolaryngologist (ear nose throat doctor or ENT).

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