Health Benefits of Wheat Sprouts

You have probably heard of sprouted wheat, and maybe even added it to your meals. But do you know how beneficial the wheat sprouts are for your health?

Wheat sprouts health benefits

They are easy to digest, and if taken regularly, they may relieve you from many illnesses. It’s not that the grain is able to cure a specific ailment, but it rather gently restores your bodily systems, making their functioning more efficient and stable, as well as rejuvenating them.

Wheat sprouts are completely natural in contrast to chemically-made medications, and this is essential to our health, because ‘natural’ means ‘being in tune with our body’.wheat sprouts health benefits

Wheat perfectly cleanses our body, giving us nutrition at the same time. It consists of more than 21 trace minerals, 18 amino acids, about 12 different vitamins, lots of fiber, which affects the metabolism, as well as reduces an extra weight.

We could go on listing the benefits of sprouted wheat, but let’s talk about how to eat it.

You can basically do it in many ways: it can be consumed as a raw product (if you don’t like the whole grains, chop them in blender), or you can add wheat sprouts to your salads, soups, porridges, sauces or even use as an infusion for cosmetic purposes. It goes well with honey, nuts, dry fruits or vegetable oil.

What is the best time to eat the sprouts?

The best time is breakfast. The sprouts are very nourishing and satisfying, so you won’t get hungry before the lunch. It is recommended to consume about 100 grams of the sprouts, but you should avoid putting them into metal utensils.

How to germinate wheat at home

Buy unrefined wheat grains on a market, remove any alien objects from them, wash several times with water, and then spread out on a plate in a thin layer. Cover it with wet gauze (or thin cotton cloth) folded in two layers.

Wheat sprout in 2-3 days, during which you need to sprinkle the gauze to avoid it’s drying up. Keep the room temperature around 71.6 degrees F (22 degrees C). Once the sprouts become 1-1,5mm in length, you can wash them and eat or use for any dish you like.

It is that simple, but you get a tremendous positive effect on your health along the way! Your skin, hair, nails will become healthier, and will look better. Even you mood may change towards a positive side. These are the benefits of wheat sprouts, if you make them a part of your regular meals.

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