Can I Use Rose Water as Eye Drops?

So, the question is whether one can use rose water for eye drops or not? Is it safe, are there any side effects?

According to people related to Ophthalmology, the answer is ‘NO’!

rose water as eye drops

The rationale for this is that there are no scientific data or research that proves the benefits of rose water in a form of eye drops.

Another concern is that the rose water is a byproduct of perfume making process with the use of rose petals, and during such procedures there is hardly any control over its safety is observed or exercised.

So it means that instilling some of it into your eyes can be just as good as using any random water source for this purpose. And since we know that the eyes is a very sensitive area, which can be easily contaminated, and is quite uncomfortable to have problems with, you should probably think twice before using so called rose water eye drops or make your own from the unknown or untraceable source.

And in addition to this, the preparations made from this product, may contain some unsafe chemicals that may just be totally unfit for your eyes, and lead to the occurrence of an allergy or even a more serious condition.

It may also cause severe eye dryness in some people.

Is Everything Really That Bad?

Actually and interestingly, there are quite opposite opinions exists. Some people, who also have some relation to medicine, say that there is actually no harm in using rose water as eye drops.

And actually there are some benefits to it, like it gives your eyes some soothing effect, it clears the eyes and helps to relax the tension in them.

But unfortunately, no substantial data was given to support these statements, so you need to judge their validity yourself.

The majority of experts, in their opinion, lean toward avoiding this whole idea: to use rose water for eye drops and better switch to the trusted and well-tested and well-known remedies.

So, There Is No Way To Use Rose Water For My Eyes?

rose water for eye drops

Well, it has some benefits, but for the safety reasons it’s better to use it for external application only.

For example, you can dip the cotton balls or swabs in this water, and then place them over your eyes; let them sit there for up to 15 minutes, then remove.

This simple procedure may reduce eye redness and inflammation; remove dirt, dust and other pollutants.

You can also use it to fade dark circles. You need to mix cold milk with it, and pour the whole thing into a spray bottle.

Spray the mixture on a cotton ball, and leave the ball over your eyes for 10 minutes. Repeat the procedure daily for 3-4 weeks to see the results.

There are other recipes, including those that advise rinsing your eyes with rose water or use it directly in a form of eye drops. While you may be tempted to try it, be aware that there are risks involved, especially if you are not sure about the safety of the product and the reliability of its source.


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