Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for Hair

Organic coconut oil is very popular among women and is well known for its benefits for hair and skin. The oil has an extensive use:

– It is added to bath

– It is used in facial masks

– It has healing properties

– It helps with calluses, cracks and burns

– It is good for hair

What Are The Benefits?

Organic coconut oil for hairThe coconut oil covers the hair evenly thus protecting your hair during washing, drying and combing. When you wash your hair, the protein gets washed away, which forms the hair trunk. This in turn leads to hair dryness and fragility. Coconut oil has a dense structure, so it prevents the protein to be washed off your hair. This oil will really save your hair in case of dryness, fragility or hair damage.

Coconut oil will make your hair shining, elastic and strong. It will also help fight harmful bacteria. If your hair is in a good condition, you can still use the oil to maintain it and prevent any hair problems.

Using Coconut Oil on Hair

If you have a pure coconut oil for hair, you can use it on your hair right away, or mix it with other essential oils. Such mixtures are usually made to achieve a particular effect. If you want to prevent the protein washing off, apply the coconut oil 10-20 minutes before you wash your head. The application of the oil can be done with a comb. Try not to use too much oil on your hair as they may look too greasy even after you wash them.

Alternatively you can use a coconut oil mask; heat some amount of the oil and apply it on your hair (the oil should not be very hot!); once you’re done, put a plastic bag over your head, and cover it with a towel and leave for 2-3 hours. After such a mask your hair will shine like never before.

Useful tip: use only trusted oil brands since only organic coconut oil for hair should be used – only natural oil has properties to restore and revive your hairs.

What Other People Say

I brought a bottle of Parachute coconut oil from Goa, India. The effect is outstanding! I tried different oils before (burdock, almond), but nothing gave me such effect! I use the mask from coconut oil once a week or two weeks; I have been doing so for 6 month already and I always hear people praising my hair. I tried to use it on my skin and while I like how it protects my skin from the UV rays, some people say it clogs your pores.

– The oils may reduce the hair volume and is difficult to wash off, but the hair look is definitely worth it.

– I tried a coconut oil hair mask today; my hair has a natural color, which is not really emphatic, so for me it is usually pretty difficult to attain the desired hair shine. But after the mask my hair shone! The only drawback is that the coconut oil is very difficult to wash off.

– I use the oil for my hair for some time already and I’m very pleased with the result, but recently I discovered that it is not less beneficial for my skin that it is for the hair; it is especially good for dry skin.

Try using organic virgin coconut oil for hair and you will likely discover the new look of your hair!

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