Foods That Cause Flatulence

Firstly, what is flatulence? Flatulence or meteorism is a condition, when the flatulent distension of the bowel occurs, often accompanied by unpleasant sounds and even smell. It is common in young people (especially women) and in older people as well. There may be no other signs of indigestion during flatulence.

What Causes Flatulence?

Usually it is a poor nutrition, bad eating habits, or weak health. There are certain foods that cause flatulence, especially if they are taken in wrong combinations, quantities and times.

If you think you are prone to it, better avoid the following foods before important meetings, or while being in public.


foods that cause flatulenceBroccoli is very healthy and rich in nutrients, but can provoke the formation of gases. It is often found in soups and pastas. If you are concerned, then examine the menu and choose something else. Do not consume broccoli in raw – you’ll get a lot more gases! But if there is no need to be in public, then, of course, eat broccoli – it is very healthy and nutritious!


Both raw form and pickled create gases in the intestines. I would really recommend eating it but at home only, if you don’t want to experience flatulence being outside with friends.

Cabbage is rich in vitamins, minerals and probiotics; just avoid it during the important days.

Beans and flatulence

All kinds of beans lead to meteorism. You will find beans in soups and salads, so be careful about them. From my own experience, the gas creation is different depending on the type of beans you consume; foe me some sorts would not generate a significant amount of gas to worry about, but if you don’t want to experiment, avoid them.


how to avoid flatulencePersonally I love apples, and many nutritionists recommend eating at least one apple a day (keeps doctor away, you know…). But raw apples easily provoke gas formation. Raw apples can be found in salads.

BUT, if you consume apples in a form of juices, puree, or as baked apples – they go just fine without any problems. By the way, sometimes even raw apples will not give you any discomfort if eaten on an empty stomach (from my own experience).


Foods with raw onions – it is not just about the bad breath, but also the formation of gases. The solution is simple: you can avoid the gas issue if you eat the onions in baked or boiled form. Use mint to have a fresh breath.


It is not equal for everybody. Some people can digest lactose, other can’t. This is all determined genetically. If you experience gases while consuming dairy products, better avoid cheese as well (unless you are alone and don’t really care).


I love it and it is a very nutritious food! It is very good for digestion too. But it creates gases.


It is pretty common in salads, but is one of the foods that cause flatulence. There is an opinion that yellow and red colored capsicum does not create gases, and only the green colored capsicum does, but honestly I don’t know these details and you will, probably, have to figure out this yourself.


how to reduce flatulenceIf you want to know how to avoid flatulence, learn more about different spices. Some of them can prevent meteorism, other will cause it. Chili pepper can provoke gas formation, for example.

Carbonated drinks

That’s obvious, I think. They interfere with your digestion, you can get fat because of them, they cause belching, and gases too! I can’t even list any benefits of their consumption!

Can Flatulence Kill Human Being?

I haven’t heard about it, and I doubt it is possible.

Do Oats Cause Flatulence?

Well, yes, they do. They contain soluble and insoluble fiber, and soluble fiber can provoke gases. But don’t give up them! Just combine them wisely with other foods to reduce flatulence.

Does Baking Soda Stop Flatulence?

baking soda to stop flatulence

Yes, you can use some sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) to mix it in a cup of water; then squeeze the juice of one lemon into it, and add some salt. Mix it well and drink. This is a good natural remedy for flatulence.

I hope you got the main idea of this post: avoid foods that cause flatulence before an important event or meeting, and you will be fine!

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