Balancing Kapha Dosha through Diet and Lifestyle

Kapha loves tasty and square meals, but this dosha more than other two should follow diet guidelines and control the amounts of food it consumes due to weak digestion.

Kapha Dosha Meals

People with this Prakriti should always eat by the clock, having meals twice a day – in the noon and early evening. The first meal should be full and wholesome – eat more natural foods, ensuring their compatibility. Dinner should be as light as possible.

Kapha Dosha Foods to Avoid

You need to avoid expired, overcooked, oily, watery, very cold and very hot food, yeast breads and alcohol. Milk and cultured dairy products, sweets and foods with sour and astringent taste can be consumed occasionally, but do not overeat them.

Best Foods for Kapha

best foods for kapha doshaFresh fruits and vegetables, soft and warming foods with pungent and bitter taste, non greasy and non oily foods, digestive herbs (water pepper, cloves, nightshade, etc.), sesame oil, fennel and turmeric are the best foods for Kapha.

Practical Advices for Balancing Your Kapha Dosha

Do not cultivate too much possessiveness of your material things; do not identify yourself with them, give up the hoarding, do not accumulate unnecessary things in your home. Doing so you will find harmony in your life.

Follow the diet plan strictly, especially during the seasons and times when Kapha is vulnerable to imbalances (the late winter and early spring, rainy weather and pregnancy). Otherwise you may find yourself fighting for weight loss, which is difficult for this dosha, so it is always better to prevent this by doing the right things.

Do not try to control your loved ones too much, give them freedom; be sensitive to them and respect their desires. For a partner, choose a person with a great life potential.

A sedentary lifestyle is not for you since it increases your dosha. The best forms of physical activity for you are: raising the bar, rowing, aerobics, dance, judo, and water polo.

Get up early and do not to stay up late. Avoid monotony. Make your life bright and interesting.

Practice yoga regularly, with an emphasis on asanas that promote normalization of the endocrine glands; do meditate. Yoga will help you to prevent diseases.

Always have a walk after each meal; do not sleep during the day and after the meals.

Balancing Kapha dosha is not hard; you simply need to follow a proper diet and make sure to have an active lifestyle.

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