Cooking Food for Kapha Body Type

We already mentioned before that adjusting your meals is one of the easiest ways to balance your dosha, and it works for all doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. You can find the food list for Kapha dosha here. Now let’s see how you can enhance your eating to balance Kapha.

Kapha has weak digestion, so you need to make your appetite stronger before taking meals. For this purpose you can eat something pungent and have a ginger drink.

Kapha dosha needs breakfast to help it cheer up, and wake up the body, so make a choice in favor of a light meal. If you do not feel hungry – the first meal is not necessary. For this dosha breakfast can be optional.

cooking food for kapha body typeConsume legumes in small amounts, giving the special attention to their proper cooking: soak them for a few hours, rinse with cold water, and cook until ready, using such spices as asafoetida, turmeric and cumin. If you experience stomach bloating, add some ginger and cloves to the cooked dish. Do not combine this meal with vegetables, fish and cereals (better avoid fish and other animal products altogether).

Do not forget the fresh and ripe fruits and vegetables, drink juices diluted with lukewarm water. It is not recommended to consume dairy products, beans and seafood after vegetable salads.

Kapha body type meal plan should not include overdone food; if you have to fry something, use the smallest amount of oil if possible.

If you cannot cook and eat at home, prefer Indian and Mexican cuisine.

Follow the drinking regime: do not drink more than a liter of water in cold weather; in hot weather – more than one and a half liters.

Eliminate sodas.

Add grains to your meals, but make sure to use them with bran and shell.

Balancing Kapha dosha through a diet is not very difficult, especially when you get the idea what foods to eat and how to combine and cook them. And when you experience the benefits of using food to balance your dosha, how healthier and happier you become, you will follow the diet guidelines much easier, and after some time eating according to your dosha will become natural to you, and you will really enjoy it!

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